The largest ketchup factory in Europe

by Dimitra Niklanovits European Management Trainee – Supply Chain, 26/06/2017

Finally it was time to start operations week! I loved everything about this week. We got to see all the action behind the scenes. It was so fascinating to see all the things that we only knew in theory, live, in front of our own eyes. But it was not only about discovering the manufacturing world. It was also about creating an understanding and getting exposed to the numerous challenges that may rise while managing a factory.

Trust me, it is more than just a challenge! 

We visited two of the most important factories of Kraft Heinz EU, Elst (The Netherlands) and Kitt Green (UK), the last one is the biggest food factory in Europe! The Kitt Green factory produces 1 billion cans per year!

We learned about the processes in a factory and how they are all connected and we realized how every single task in this function needs people supporting it. I’ve learned that you don’t need to have an answer for everything, you just need people in your team that can help you find the 
answer you need to succeed. 

The intense presentations, the visits of the factories and the weekly project (to work on a launch of a new product within operations) made the week really interesting and worthy. 

Talking about something different, the weather was amazing this week, so we made the most out of our free time. We visited Amsterdam and enjoyed the sun by the canals. 

I might not be in Greece this summer, but I definitely had a taste of Greek summer this weekend!