More than just colleagues – good friends

by Bart Heuvels European Management Trainee – Operations, 26/06/2017

European Management Trainee – Operations, Zeist (NL), May , 2016

An epic adventure has started, 12 individuals from various countries have landed in London to start a 6 week boot camp program. This boot camp forms the start of a 5 month program and is split in to 6 functional immersion weeks. I feel very fortunate to be a part of the European graduate program that will prepare us for an amazing career in  Kraft Heinz.

Day 1 and we are led in the conference room to speak with Bernardo Hees (the CEO of Kraft Heinz!) and Melissa Werneck (SVP of Global Human Resources, Performance and IT!) I was positively surprised when I realized how down to earth and approachable they were and I like how close they are to everyone in the business.

Week 1 is dedicated to People and Legal so we immediately deep dived into the Kraft Heinz culture, talent acquisition and development, performance and rewards. On Friday, we also learnt more about Legal, Communications and CSR. It was a very busy day, with a lot of content, but also practical examples and experiences shared. We also got introduced into the wondrous world of Kraft Heinz and its many abbreviations ; MBO (management by objectives) KHC (Kraft Heinz Company)  and even TK that stands for Tomato Ketchup. Yes, this abbreviation is actually used.

We also learned about the Kraft Heinz values ; Innovation, Quality, Integrity, Consumer first and especially Ownership – which is about acting as an owner. Something you can really feel when you walk into Kraft Heinz.

The inspirational people that I’ve met during the presentations changed my view on the limits of departments and I now know that the opportunities are big within Kraft Heinz. We are trying to absorb all the information like sponges and on our breaks we have lunch at café 57 where many Kraft Heinz products are displayed or sold. Culinary tip: try the pizza with Heinz beanz!

During this program I am basically living together with 11 bright, hard-working, curious and enthusiastic young people from all around Europe who are motivating me to be the best version of myself. During the evenings we explore central London and although it is just the first week, it feels like we have known eachother for much longer.

I am going to close by saying: ‘So far so good!  I am really looking forward to learn much more about Kraft Heinz the next weeks. Next week sales week!