Loving the product that we sell

by Kordali Ioanna European Management Trainee – Marketing, 26/06/2017

Finance week was the biggest surprise so far! We all thought we would be sitting all day and listening to people talking about numbers and math’s but the reality was that it was much more practical!

It was made very clear from the beginning that Kraft Heinz is a very finance-centric company, therefore almost nothing moves without the finance department!

We went through sales finance and supply chain finance, audit, tax, ZBB (Zero Based Budgeting) and so many more interesting concepts and practices, all presented in a very interactive way that generated a lot of interaction!

We also received a training on Microsoft Excel which was a real eye-opener and taught the majority of us new tools and shortcuts to make sense out of huge data sets, a challenge we will face in our early careers.

The highlight of the week was the assignment we had to present on the last day of the week, which was to come up with a strategy to enter a potential new retailer. We had very little data to work with, which pushed us to be creative and come up with innovative ideas on product mix and the implementation of our strategy.

The Q&A section challenged us a lot and the assessors were kind enough to share their knowledge and vision with us which made it a real learning experience.

We also had the chance to test our bowling skills during a night out in London. It was a fun and we found out we have some serious talent in the team J.

Tomorrow we start Marketing week, which is going to be our last week in London.