Getting hands-on in the R&D kitchen

by Jessica Milner European Management Trainee – Marketing, 27/06/2017

Our Research & Development (R&D) week started off with a tour around the innovation center in Nijmegen. The European innovation activities have recently been centralized and the centre of excellence looks truly amazing!. A very modern and open office with kitchens, tasting rooms, a mini factory and laboratories that are all focused on developing the best products for Kraft Heinz.

Did you know that only a few people on the earth know the exact Heinz Tomato Ketchup recipe?

Following the success of the recently launched Heinz Tomato Ketchup with 50 % less sugar and 20 % less salt we took a deepdive into want it means to reduce sugar and salt naturally while maintaining the same iconic Heinz flavour. We spend a full day in the Kitchen trying out different recipes and understanding more about the complexity behind product development.

We got to produce our final recipe in the mini factory. With real industrial equipment we made Heinz Ketchup with different ingredients , trying to create the perfect texture and taste.

Making a perfect Heinz tomato Ketchup takes expertise, no wonder Kraft Heinz is so good at it! Walking through the whole process was an amazing hands-on experience.

We proudly presented our results at the end of the week and received an amazing lunch prepared by the Kraft Heinz Culinary team.