Exploring central London

by Ellie Nikolova European Management Trainee – Marketing, 27/06/2017

Week 2 Sales! Who knew that one of the themes that I was fearing the most would turn out to be full of fun activities and valuable lessons. It totally changed my view on what sales is and what it takes for a person to work in this department. 

“Step out of your comfort zone” was the first thing we learned this week. Bringing reptiles in the office really helped with that! 

The highlight of the week was field sales day. After receiving some background information and raining regarding sales, we were asked to participate in a selling competition within our group. 

Four teams were formed and we had to contact local food services to convince them to buy Heinz sauces. My team, managed to sell 20 cases of sauces to local pubs and restaurants. It was a challenging day, but it was quite interesting to better understand the business and the customers.

More and more role playing games were introduced so we could adopt the sales mind-set. It is a unique way with which this company approaches its cases and it is called the Kraft Heinz Way of Selling! 

It was a very busy and intense week. Luckily we had each other and all the hard work became pleasant training. 

The bonding we have, as trainees, is amazing. No wonder why previous trainees are still the best of friends.