Covid-19 Statement

Covid-19 Statement

Working safely during COVID-19 in factories, warehouses and offices

In line with Government guidance we have adopted a comprehensive risk-based approach in order to reduce as far as possible the transmission of coronavirus. Specifically, all those who can work from home safely were asked to do so and this has been our position since 16 March 2020.

Our factory locations including Wigan, Worcester and Telford have continued to remain open during this period to help ‘Feed the Nation’ whilst ensuring effective control measures in place such as increased hand washing and surface cleaning, strict social distancing, use of physical barriers and separation, one-way traffic flows and workplace re-organization. We have also reduced the number of people each person has contact with by staggering shift start times, using fixed teams, partnering or cohorts so that each person works with only a few others.

Special care and attention has been taken to identify routine tasks where social distancing guidelines could be a challenge and we have pro-actively prioritized actions to overcome these challenges including eliminating non-essential activities at this time.

We continue to keep all strict control measures under constant review including the introduction of extra measures wherever appropriate.

Each individual location has completed an in-depth risk assessment the results of which have been shared with workplace union representation, employees, contractors and visitors, and communicated clearly and regularly to our employees.