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Kraft Heinz offers interns hundreds of internships. In every department one or two. Why so many? To allow you to get to know our company from the inside out. This is a practical approach not only for you, especially if you are graduating soon or have just graduated, but also for us, because we have found that this is a great way for us to see your skills and know instantly what you are capable of.


Are you going to work as an intern? If so, you will be regarded as a regular employee. Obviously, you will be assigned to a supervisor who will act as your instructor/coach. But you will also be given a lot of responsibility from day one, tackling projects on your own or with your team. It is a practical way to learn more about your own and other departments at Kraft Heinz, which are in continuous contact with each other. You will also get to know the other interns better by lunching together every Tuesday in our restaurants. The interns also regularly organise fun intern trips.



• Your internship will last at least 5 months.
• fulltime interns earn €625 per month;
• will you be interning four days a week because, for instance, you still need to write your dissertation? You will earn €500 per month;
• your student travel expenses are reimbursed by Heinz;
• you can combine your internship with writing your dissertation. Kraft Heinz will not formulate a research question, however. Although, with prior consultation, you may use Kraft Heinz data and information.


Permanent job?
Interns often ask about the growth opportunities within Kraft Heinz. While we cannot guarantee that you can start working at Kraft Heinz after you complete your internship, we always look to our intern pool for potential employees whenever an entry-level position becomes available, because we already know how they work and how they fit in at Kraft Heinz. Because Kraft Heinz is a young dynamic organization with lots of career opportunities throughout the year.

Do you have what it takes?

In our progressive meritocracy, we want original ideas for success. We offer the resources and financial rewards of a global corporation, while providing you the autonomy to take ownership of your work and achieve results from your first day.